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What Type of Service Does Your Vehicle Need?

Seversin's Service Center Air Conditioning Icon

We do A/C and Heating inspections. Give us a call before you can fry an egg on your dashboard or before your teeth are chattering along to your favorite song!

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Vehicles that are aligned properly drive better, get better gas mileage, and have premature or uneven tire wear less often.

Seversin's Service Center Battery Icon

We offer a comprehensive diagnostic assessment that can tell you when it's time to change that battery. Don't put yourself at risk with a dead battery.

Seversin's Service Center Disc Break Icon

Breaks are one of the most important systems on your car. Put your mind at ease and let one of our certified technicians inspect or replace your break system.

Seversin's Service Center Car Icon

Vehicles on the road today rely on Electronic Control Units and Modules for almost everything. We offer on board computer diagnostic service and module repairs.

Seversin's Service Center Radiator Icon

Your engine overheating is one of two leading causes of engine failure. Our experts can assess the condition of your radiator and service your cooling system

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If your vehicle is struggling to start, or lights on it are dimming unexpectedly you could have an electrical problem. We can help troubleshoot and fix pesky electrical issues.

Your engine is the heart of your car, if that's not working properly you're in trouble. Our technicians will inspect, test and provide a direct and honest evaluation of your engine's condition.

Seversin's Service Center Motor2 Icon

Exhaust systems are known to deteriorate over time due to their finite lifespan. A thorough, overall inspection of your exhaust system can help identify possible problems before they become major issues.

Seversin's Service Center Exhaust Icon

Oil changes are a necessary part of owning a vehicle. Without regular oil changes the wear and tear on your engine and other internal components will decrease the lifespan of your vehicle. Our team offers quick oil change service to get you on the road.

Seversin's Service Center Oil Can Icon

If your vehicle's power steering is ever compromised you're in for a difficult drive. Our technicians are ready to assess the condition of the power steering system and have the capability of fix the issue in a timely manner.

Seversin's Service Center Steering Wheel Icon

Suspension issues can cause a lot of problems with the drivability of your vehicle. If you're noticing steering issues where it's harder to turn or your vehicle bouncing more over bumpy roads you might have a suspension issue. Our technicians can help.

Seversin's Service Center Suspension Icon

Tire repairs and replacements are a common fix for a lot of vehicles. Between general wear and tear and other problems causing uneven wear, tires have it rough. Our technicians will provide honest answers on tire questions you may have.

Seversin's Service Center Tire Icon

Whether your vehicle has a manual or an automatic transmission, our technicians will make sure it shifts the way it's meant to shift. If you notice issues with shifting, engine whining, or a red or brown fluid leak contact us today for an inspection!

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Auto Service Repair in Madison

Seversin's - A Better Way Forward

Seversin's Service Center Mechanic Shop

When it comes to auto repair & service in Madison, you can count on us!

We guarantee that your vehicle will be repaired by a qualified, experienced and honest mechanic. You won't pay or overpay for services you don't really need thanks to computerized diagnosis to determine what problems you have and an accurate estimate for the cost of fixing the problems. By choosing Seversin's Service Center for your repairs, you'll have an ASE certified mechanic performing the service or repair on your vehicle and we'll back the work with our 12 month/ 12,000 mile limited parts and labor Confidence Plus North American Warranty.

Whether you're bringing in your vehicle for new tires, an oil change, or even a major repair issue, you can count on Seversin's Service Center to deliver excellent service and peace of mind. We are A Better Way Forward!

Our Customers Are Our Top Priority

We want them to place their trust in us.

The ASE certified technicians that work at Seversin's Service Center will care for your vehicle  as if it were their own vehicle. Our technicians use the latest equipment and their experience in the industry to determine the best course of action for your vehicle repairs.

Our technicians have the service knowledge to repair even the most challenging auto problems on all makes and models, be it domestic or imported vehicles. All of our work is guaranteed not only by our Confidence Plus North American Warranty but also by any extended warranty our customer may have on their vehicle as well.

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